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“Dr. Scuderi is so thorough and professional, while maintaining a personal “bedside” manner in his examination and procedures. The staff, from reception to medical assistants, is extremely courteous and professional. All in all, a most pleasant experience for what could be an unpleasant one regarding one’s heart health!” – Elizabeth

“Dr. Scuderi is wonderful. He explains everything in detail and spends as much time as necessary discussing concerns. I feel very lucky to have found a cardiologist who is an outstanding physician and has a terrific bedside manner. I would highly recommend him.” - Katy

“I am so impressed with Dr. Scuderi’s intelligence and the care and interest he takes with me, as his patient.  The entire office staff is so organized and efficient.  I feel like I am in good hands here.” – Judith

“With Dr. Scuderi’s guidance and treatment, I am definitely on the road to a healthier heart and more enjoyment in my life.  Thanks also to the competent staff.” – Mike

“Dr. Scuderi has been an amazing doctor. When my grandfather came in a little over a year ago his heart was at 27% pumping function, now its 70% with the normal range being 55-75%! The entire staff is incredible and always a pleasure.” – Nicolle and James

“Dr. Scuderi's staff is professionally competent, yet still warm and friendly. A perfect balance! Dr. Scuderi’s sincere enthusiasm and concern for your well-being is greatly appreciated. You just don’t have the heart to let him down because you know he wants you to be well.” – Rito

“I have found Dr. Scuderi to be very thorough and excellent in diagnosing and treating my problems.  All the staff are congenial and professional” – Ray

“The staff has been very courteous and wonderful. They are the best team of medical staff I have had.”– Richard

“I have found Dr. Scuderi to be very dedicated and concerned about his patients.  He is a very nice man and a very fine specialist.” – Graham

“He is understanding, caring, and a great doctor.  I would highly recommend him to everyone, and he is good looking.” – Ben

“Very friendly and helpful staff.  Dr. Scuderi is a competent and motivated physician.  I appreciate the personally written letter from Dr. Scuderi that I receive as I check out from the office at the conclusion of each visit.  The document serves as an invaluable reference for me; it contains my up-to-date medication list and a thorough discussion of all of the important information that he covered during my visit with him.” – George

“Besides being an excellent physician, I have found Dr. Scuderi to be extremely compassionate, thorough, and truly interested in the outcome of his patients. His personal concern, I find to be the rather uncommon these days, but it is just another one of his wonderful ways of dealing with his patients.” – Lorraine

“Appreciate the efficiency of the office. The offices are extra nice with the beautiful furniture. I appreciate the information and the time he gives me.” – Phyllis and Betsy

“I have found Dr. Scuderi to be very caring, devoted to his patients’ welfare and highly competent.” – Selma

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