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Leonard J. Scuderi, M.D., F.A.C.C. and the outstanding office staff of CardioFit Medical Group, Inc. are deeply committed to providing superior, personalized, comprehensive, prompt, and courteous cardiovascular care to residents of the South Bay and surrounding areas. We provide acute, chronic, and preventive cardiology care. Individuals place their own lives in our trust. They deserve and receive the best care we are capable of delivering.

When an acute, urgent, or emergent issue arises, Dr. Scuderi and his CardioFit team deliver first-rate treatment for that individual. When a chronic disorder is being treated, his patients rely upon trusted relationships that have been cultivated to enhance compliance with his recommendations. And when preventative care is required, they diligently work as a team to ensure that all necessary data is available to Dr. Scuderi in order to optimize chances for early detection and treatment.

Patient longevity and quality of life are optimized by CardioFit's team approach. By being proactive, Dr. Scuderi and his staff anticipate and promptly treat imminent health issues. As Louis Pasteur (1822-1894), French chemist and microbiologist, astutely wrote “Chance favors the prepared mind”. Dr. Scuderi strives to implement this dictum every working hour so that the level of care provided is second to none. To achieve these goals, communication between the patient, the office staff, and Dr. Scuderi is maintained with accuracy, precision, and prompt response times.

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