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Checking your blood pressure

Blood Pressure Monitor

Check your blood pressure twice daily, immediately prior to taking your blood pressure medications (if applicable), but only after having relaxed for at least 3 minutes once the blood pressure cuff has already been placed on your arm.  If your systolic blood pressure (top number) is less than 90 mmHg or greater than 160 mmHg, then recheck 3-5 minutes later.  If still outside of these parameters, then call the office immediately.  Provide the physician with your home blood pressure diary of these readings taken over the next two weeks and thereafter on an occasional basis so that the long-term goal of keeping your systolic blood pressure (top number) is 90-115 mmHg 90% of the time is achieved with further refinement of your medication dosages (if applicable).

In order to check your blood pressure regularly it is recommended that you purchase a blood pressure machine.  The following are reliable blood pressure machines:

  • Omron HEM-712 C automatic blood pressure monitor, available at VM, Costco, Savon, Walgreens pharmacies for $57.00.  VM pharmacy is located on the ground level of Skypark Building 7 (adjacent to our office building) across the bridge.  This machine is accurate and reasonably priced.
  • Omron HEM-790 IT automatic blood pressure monitor, available at Walgreens pharmacies on sale for 80.00.  This particular machine is not only very accurate, compact, and reasonably priced, but it also has the unique of a large capacity memory along with being able to document at least two separate individuals blood pressure readings.

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