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Renal insufficiency

  • Definition: 
    • Renal insufficiency occurs when the kidneys no longer have enough healthy tissue to function properly: They can no longer store electrolytes and filter out waste products into urine. Other similar terms include "renal failure" and "kidney failure." The term "renal insufficiency" is usually used in cases of chronic renal insufficiency, when the kidneys are affected by a long-term condition (as opposed to acute kidney failure, where the kidneys suddenly fail because of an infection, reaction to a drug, or an injury). With chronic renal insufficiency, the kidneys slowly fail over time and continue to worsen even with outside treatment.
  • Prevention:
    • Maintain/control diabetes
    • Maintain/control high blood pressure
    • Maintain/control an ideal body weight
  • Treatment:
    • Slow the progression of disease
    • Treat underlying causes and contributing factors
    • Treat complications of disease
    • Replace lost kidney function.
    • Control of blood glucose
    • Control of high blood pressure
    • Diet

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